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This product is designed to make one side of the cane rounded, preventing the cane from cracking during the winding process, and saving your time with measuring dimensions.

What makes this product stand out above all: 

  • it bends one side of the cane, so that it does the ,, side to side'' technique for you, preventing the cane from cracking, which is a common problem when using this technique, trying to achieve tightness and straight reed,
  • it is perfectly designed for the specific shape - it will stop at exactly 27mm from the top of the cane (dimensions below) so with this, 
  • You only measure the length of the reed once and save a lot of time
  • your reeds are hermetic and don't move after cutting
  • with the clipper you will get an educational video on how to do it step-by-step

Dimensions with the clipper:

47mm staple - 74mm total length before cutting

46mm staple - 73mm 

45mm staple - 72mm 

If you would like to have a longer reed it's easy to put the staple 1mm below the clipper. If you need your clipper to stop at different measurement, feel free to contact us!

This design is protected and registered under EUIPO RCD-015022269-0001

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