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Reed clamp pack - English horn

Reed clamp pack - English horn

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Reed clamp will finally solve your problem with open reeds! 

Do you know this feeling of fresh and open reeds and pain in your lips after a practice session? I know it too! That's why I designed this tool! Reed clamp with suitably adjusted force, will close your reed and hold it in proper position so that it cannot open more.

For European and American style English horn reeds. Shape inside clamp is specially designed for English horn reeds - the white line means bottom of clamp. Clamp for oboe and baroque oboe reed find here

How to use:

1. Put your open reed into the water for 2 min.

2. Gently close the reed with your fingers and insert the reed clamp under the scraping place - the white line means the bottom of clamp

3. You can insert it from the top of the reed, but much better applied from the side of the reed.

4. Let the reed dry with a reed clamp overnight

5. When you want to play on this reed, soak it with the clamp for 2 min

and be ready to have comfort during your practice session!

In order to keep your reed closed at all times, store it clamped on, inside your reed box. 

This design is protected and registered EUIPO RCD-015022269-0002





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