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Reed making course

Reed making course

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Learn how to make reeds from scratch.

Reed making course for oboists who would like to learn how to make oboe/english horn reeds.

The course includes 3 intensive individual online lessons:

1. 70 min - the basics, how to select wood, how to wind a reed well, all dimensions and recommendations for wood, tubes, and shapes.
2. 70 min - learning European scraping shapes and individual selection of the most suitable shape for the oboist.
- Time to assimilate knowledge and practice making reeds at home and then
3. 70 min - discussing and solving problems made during making reeds on their own

If you don't have any reed-making tools, let me know! I will send you a list of necessary tools. Each lesson is arranged individually, I recommend that each be held on a different day, due to the possibility of quiet practice at home after the meeting.

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